Access your local script objects with a single click from the custom icon.

Working with custom scripts

Local scripts are placed in: "C\ProgramData\BloomCE\scripts\MyScripts folder". Several utility tools are provided as detailed below.

Process selected LAS pointcloud that does not have color, or near black.

Clash detection between two or more pointclouds. Select one point cloud object and evoke this plugin to clash with all visible point cloud.

Create contour cut lines using plane(s) and point cloud data. The Sketch Tool can be used to create a Plane or Offset Planes. The detail of the resulting contour line is dependent on the density of the point cloud. Resulting contour lines may be exported to AutoCAD.

Extrude selected lines in Z direction to create 3D shapes from 2D lines and circles.

Select points on the edges of pointcloud. Edge Toplogy will create a line to represent edge and a point to represent a corner. Or, start by selecting a set of planes and then run the script to create lines and points at the intersection of two or more planes.

Flatten-DWG: Imported drawings from AutoCAD often have multiple Z depth values. Use this script to move all drawing elements to a common XY plane.

Flatten-CLOUD: A two dimensional point cloud is created by reducing the z values of all points to the xy plane. The Model View may be used to further define the 2d point cloud. Use this script when you want an scale underlay as-built view in Revit or AutCAD.

Cut the selected Polymesh object using the current model-view.

Copy the Transforms of the selected object to the clipboard.

Paste the Transforms from the clipboard to the selected object.